You Think it, I Can Make it!

About Me

A little about myself., I have had a love for computers since I was very young. I remember my first computer I ever used was a "Tandy 1000". all throughout growing up computers became a big part of my life. At the age of 17 I graduated High School and I joined the United States Army.  My job in the Army also involved computers and networks. (31F Network systems switching operator) At the age of 20 my beautiful daughter was born & she changed my life.  I started college for Computer Technology & Networking in 2003, and graduated with an Associate Degree. I have been repairing computers and doing graphical work for family and friends for years. I have always wanted to have a career involving computers. So after many attempts of trying to find a computer related job with nothing but let downs due to not enough work experience in the field. I decided to start my own business up doing the things that I love. There for what you see before you is just the start for Davis Dezigns. I look forward to the growth of the business, meeting and helping people along the way.

Why Davis Dezigns?

Why should you go with Davis Dezigns over the competition? Well first I do everything in my power to satisfy the customer, I work endlessly to show the pride support and dedication I have to my business.
When it comes to my rates, I will work with everyone to meet their needs and funds available to get the job done.
Just because you don't know about computers or websites you should not be taken advantage of. I have worked with so many people and they have told me what the competition told them was wrong and how much to fix their problem and it blows me away on the lies that are told to make a buck..
Well people that's not me. I tell you how it is, NO lies attached.